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Welcome to my Blog page!

This area is full of great content to help you through your home purchase or refinance process, so let me help you navigate this site.

First, the very top line gives you links to my home page, my loan approval info page, a library of terms, a few calculators and an about us section.

Below the big logo and my picture you’ll see my 5 blog categories. The first 4 will have videos, and the last will have some info-graphic resources for my realtor friends.

For the videos, my Home Buying Tips section will have a few videos that help you through the loan approval process. Next, the Video FAQ’s answer some questions that tend to confuse most people… not just you. I’ll continually review the videos in these two sections to make sure they are current and accurate.

The Scenarios and Programs section will help you understand how different programs work as well as lay out how we successfully worked through some unique transactions. I’ll update as interesting examples come up.

I’ll be putting up weekly program and industry updates weekly in the Weekly Market Update section. These will be posted on my Facebook and Linked-In pages, as will monthly videos that go out to all my friends and past customers.

Finally, the Realtor Resources section has info-graphic pages that will be useful for my realtor friends. If you like one, feel free to download it and either print it or use it in your video presentations… or post on your own social media site.

Please come back frequently, and let me know if you want to see something else or if you feel that I’ve made a mistake somewhere.


Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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